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For questions or assistance with any of our technology, please contact your local branch or sales executive.

This transition will allow us to focus our efforts on providing a single, innovative solution to serve your premium finance needs.

Client (Insured) FAQ

Premium Assignment provides an alternate line of credit. Payment plans are flexible and allow for payment of insurance as it is needed rather than by a lump sum. Rates are also generally fixed for the entire term of the loan.

Your agency or broker typically arranges the financing directly with a Premium Assignment regional branch. Request that your agency contact us directly if you want us to finance your premium.
Premium Assignment offers various convenient payment options:

One Time Payment using Checking Account (no fee)
Sign up for Recurring Auto Debit using Checking Account (no fee)
Credit Card/Speedpay-Western Union (fees apply)

Voice Recognition Unit (VRU) | 800.358.0838 (no fee)
Post Office Box 8000 | Tallahassee | FL | 32314-8000
3522 Thomasville Road, Suite 400 | Tallahassee | FL | 32309
Premium Assignment will notify you and provide a time to cure the delinquency before we send a cancellation notice to your insurance carrier. The returned or unearned premium on your policy will be sent to Premium Assignment and applied to your loan. You will be billed for any outstanding balance afterwards. Should you have a credit balance remaining, you will receive a refund from Premium Assignment or your agency.
Premium Assignment is only a finance company. We cannot advise you on any matter regarding your insurance coverage. You will need to speak directly to your insurance agency.
The loan can be paid off at anytime without paying a penalty. You may also be entitled to receive a rebate of finance charges if your loan is paid off prior to loan maturity date. Contact our client services department for specific details.
Please visit our insured login page. If assistance is needed, please call Client Services at 800.342.0991, ext. 12 (8 AM – 5 PM EST).