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Agency Survey Results

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

In an ongoing effort to provide excellent service, rates, and terms, we recently asked our clients to complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey. The results of that survey have provided valuable information to our goal of continuously improving the service we provide. Overall, our agents gave Premium Assignment Corporation an "Excellent" rating.

4-Excellent, 3-Above Average, 2-Average, and 1-Poor
Customer Service Average Rating
Responsiveness to loan inquiry 3.67
Problem resolution 3.51
Professional & friendly service 3.67
Handling of cancellation issues 3.44
Timely response to quote requests 3.64
Flexible payment terms 3.54
Competitive interest rates 3.47
Professional attitude 3.67
Marketing Representative
Explanation of procedures 3.64
Responsiveness to your agency's request 3.68
Overall level of service 3.66
Ease of use 3.64
Essential information provided 3.61
Overall assessment 3.62