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Why Use Premium Assignment?

  • Quotes based on immediate funding.
  • Delayed funding options available to provide lower rates.
  • Custom programs available to fit your client's specific needs.
  • Experienced professional client service staff.
  • "TelePAC24" toll free automated voice response system.
    • 24 hour availability.
    • Payment status of insured's loan available to the agent and insured.
  • One login for quoting and servicing loans including multiple agency locations.
  • Quoting -
    • Customized for your agency.
    • Faster and more accurate preparation of quotes and finance agreements.
    • Current interest rates and down payments automatically calculated.
    • Manage Brokers and Companies easily - tutorial available.
    • Quote Explorer (File>Open Quote) provides status updates and link to Loan Status Detail.
    • Electronic agency signature and/or submission available.
    • Integrate information from Applied Systems or Vertafore (AMS).
  • Servicing Loans -
    • Available to Insureds and Agents
      • Access current loan information
      • Submit Online Payment - tutorial available
      • Request Address Changes
      • Print Invoice
      • Email Client Services
    • Agents may additionally
      • Submit Policy Number updates
      • Generate or schedule reports to arrive via Email (tutorial available)
      • Renew loans transferring Insured and Policy information to (tutorial available)
      • Complete Additional Premium Requests (endorsements to existing policies)
      • Print Reinstatement Requests
  • Technical assistance available at 800.342.0991, Ext. 14 or your local Branch.
  • Direct Deposit
  • Check
  • Draft
  • ACH
  • Multiple notices sent to insured and agency to avoid nonpayment cancellation.